Youth Choir Registration for 2013-14



Welcome to the 2013-14 Coastal Sound Youth Choir.  We have a great year ahead and look forward to working with you. 

You have already accepted your placement and now it is time to:

  1. Complete the on-line registration form by August 31, 2013.   
  2. Submit your payment by September 5, 2013 (the first day of rehearsal).

Financial Information

By registering, singers acknowledge their financial commitment to participating in the choir.  Fees listed below are mandatory for all Youth Choir singers:   

  • $575 Registration fee */**
  • $12 Youth Choir t-shirt*** (new members get one free)
  • $12 Coastal Sound t-shirt*** (new members get one free)
  • $45 Choral Music Folder***
  • $155  Youth Choir Retreat from January 31 to Feb 2, 2014. 
  • $150 Fundraising Commitment (Donations are charitable tax receipt eligible. 
    Further information on  fundraising opportunities will be presented in September.)

 *The Youth Choir registration fee includes a partial subsidy for all singers to participate in local tour.   Tour participants can expect to pay an additional participation fee.  Non-touring singers are not eligible for a partial registration fee refund. 

**A monthly payment plan is available. Singers can opt to make 10 equal payments of $68 from September 2013 to June 2014. 

***Returning singers may already have these items.  

The total mandatory financial commitment is $949. 

In addition, singers have the opportunity to purchase the following optional items:  

  • $20 Theory workbook 
  • $45 Garment Bag

 The total financial commitment, if all optional items are selected, is $1,014. 

In addition, singers can anticipate between $200 and $1,500 tour participation fees. The cost to the singer will vary depending on the destination, duration and activities included in the tour.  Individual fundraising opportunities such as retail gift card sales, plant sales and chocolate sales will be available throughout the year to help singers offset their touring costs.  Participation in these additional individual fundraising activities is optional. 

Additional Information

    • August 26th 5:00 pm New Singer welcome BBQ
    • August 31st Complete online registration due
    • September 5th  – First day of rehearsal
    • September 5th  –  Payments due (or financing arrangements confirmed with the office)
    • October 5th – Retreat DAY TBA
    • November 3rd TBA YOUTH CHOIR PERFORMANCE At Coastal Sound-a-Thon
    • November 3rd Sound-a-Thon pledges OR donation in lieu due
    • November 8-10th  VOICES WEST FESTIVAL
    • December 8th 7:00pm CSMA Family of Choirs Concert (call time will be around 6:30pm) Evergreen Theatre
    • December 15th 2:00-9:30pm Dress rehearsal, Group Dinner, Christmas with the Coastal Sound Youth Choir Christ Church Cathedral
    • January  18th  **optional project** Performance at Push Festival with Woodpigeon Performance Works, Granville Island
    • Jan 31-Feb 2 CSYC Retreat!
    • March 8th 7:00pm Coastal Sound Music Academy 25th Anniversary Gala Concert (call time 4pm) St. Andrew’s Wesley
    • March 13-15 TOUR Tour and performance at ACDA Conference Washington State
    • April 24-27 TOUR Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival –BANFF, AB
    • (We will apply to Banff if we are not selected to sing at Seattle ACDA)
    • June 4th 5:00-9:00pm Indiekor Band Rehearsal TBA
    • June 6-7 TOUR Indiekor Tour Nanaimo
    • June 8 10am-1pm Dress rehearsal – Indiekor Christ Church Cathedral
    • June 8 3:00pm Indiekor show #1 Christ Church Cathedral
    • June 9th 7:30pm Indiekor show #2 (5:30 call time) Christ Church Cathedral
    • June 15th 7:00pm Family of Choirs Spring Concert (call time will be around 6:00pm) Evergreen Theatre
    • June 19th 5:00pm Year end CSYC Banquet/BBQ/Party