Vision, Mission and Goals of Coastal Sound

The VISION of Coastal Sound is to be an innovative and creative, joyful community of singers striving for excellence

The MISSION of Coastal Sound is to TRANSFORM LIVES and BUILD COMMUNITY through choral music

The GOALS of Coastal Sound are 

  • to offer a multi-level choral music education program designed to offer all who like to sing, an opportunity to do so
  • to develop independent and group musicianship and cultural awareness in its membership
  • to promote, perform and encourage the work of BC and Canadian composers
  • to promote peace, celebrate diversity and multiculturalism so that the world will be a better place
  • to inspire each singer to develop to their fullest potential as individuals, musicians and as citizens
  • to contribute culturally to the community through the pursuit of choral music excellence

Spirit. Artistry. Heart. Community.