Testimonials & Impact Statements

You have created and hold the space for these kids to have the sense of belonging…. A space where kids get to show up and be 100% themselves, are respected, where they are  accepted and appreciated for who they truly are.  What a gift…

You are such a positive influence in her life and we thank you for providing her with such an enriching experience.  

Choir has been my second family, and I will never forget all the wonderful adventures and memories we have made in choir. You are truly a fantastic director and I want to thank you so very much!

You are a very talented choir director and musician, and have worked tirelessly to help these kids sound wonderful, but also develop as people. You are a beautiful person and it shines through all you do.

Thank you for continuing to inspire our girls’ love of music and for helping to create such memorable performances! We are grateful for your skills and passion.

You make us laugh and have fun. You are a mentor and we all look at you as a second mom. You show us that we can do better. I’ve had a blast in choir for the past 5 years.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for amazing artistic job you did this year with our kids,  I really enjoy each concert.

Your choristers are a lovely group of children. They sing well and sensitively, and they reflect your own very positive, fun nature, Diana.

It just struck me when you were talking about Coastal Sound that you being a not for profit reflects the strong values of who you are as an organization and how you make it available to anyone who wants to join not just those who can afford it.  Also that this isn’t just a  bunch of people who are trying to get rich from kids coming to sing, that Coastal Sound is a community of people who are passionate about bringing music into the lives of children and adults.  The other thing I am deeply appreciating about Coastal Sound is what an inclusive environment it is for the kids, it is such a gift for the kids to be somewhere they can completely be themselves and be not only accepted but liked for just being themselves.  The peer mentoring, non competitive environment yet strong sense of being part of something bigger and a group.

Sample testimonials from Bursary Recipients

You have profoundly changed my child’s life while my family situation can’t provide her such.  It is all of you who have given a chance to my child to become a better singer, a better person for sure!

Thank you for chosing me to receive a bursary.  I would never have been able to spend another year with the amazing people that I like to call my second family.   I’ve been able to experience so many great things and memories that will honestly last me a lifetime.

Through the years, Coastal Sound shaped every part of who I am.  I thank God for Coastal Sound, which has put love in my heart and has seeped values into me which I take to the people I work with every day. 

I want to thank everyone for the Bursary fund. I gained life long memories that could never be replaced. I was able to learn these
amazing things about Canada that I never even thought of wanting to know. This chance has changed my life. Being able to do what I love as a singer and meet all these inspiring and caring people really makes a difference on how I view myself and my country.

I was given grant money from CSMA to be able to participate, and I wouldn’t have been able to without this support. Opportunities that I have had in Coastal Sound make me much more aware of the world around me and have opened my mind to new things.