Fundraisers 2023-2024

Coastal Sound’s fundraisers support local businesses, are environmentally conscious and are practical for our members. Think groceries, gift-giving and holiday entertaining. Whether you take the opportunity to stock up on gift cards or coffee, every little bit will help a lot!


Purdy's Holiday Fundraiser

Purdy’s chocolates only use quality ingredients and sustainable cocoa. Don’t miss out on those popular chocolate items such as hedgehogs, salted caramels and sweet Georgia Browns. Profit to CSMA will be 25% of sales. Online sales are open now!

Order Deadline: November 21st

Pickup Date: first week of December at rehearsals

Global Coffee Fundraising

A local company that offers the finest premium coffees – organic and ethically sourced coffees. 4 types of coffee to sell – light, med, dark, decaf in 454 grams zip lock coffee bag. Cost is $20 per bag. Profit to CSMA will be 37% of sales.  

Order and Payment Deadline: November 23rd

Pickup dates: November 30th and December 5th at rehearsal