Sponsorship Opportunities

Coastal Sound can work with other like-minded organizations to tailor a sponsorship opportunity to fita specific budget or passion!

Some sponsorship opportunities could include:

  • sponsoring a concert, a program, or a guest soloist
  • professional video and audio recording of a performance
  • professional photography of a performance
  • purchase of newly published choral music
  • commissioning a Canadian composer to write a piece of music for the choirs.

Your organization’s name would be on this piece of music in perpetuity, and could be published world-wide.

  • tuition bursary funds for singers with financial needs
  • sponsor a brand new choir for singers with neuro-diverse abilities
  • new uniforms for touring choirs
  • concert tickets for families with financial needs, or for vulnerable sectors of the community
  • outreach concerts, workshops and collaborations in schools
  • vocal coaching sessions
  • theory and sight-singing resources and materials for singers with financial needs
  • piano tuning or instrument purchase
  • subsidizing performance tours so that all singers can participate
  • special event performances

We are happy to talk to you about other ideas!

About Us

What began more than 30 years ago as the Coquitlam School District Honour Choir, has grown to be Coastal Sound Music Academy, a non-profit charitable organization and an essential part of the local cultural fabric. You may have seen Coastal Sound Children’s Choir perform at Canada Day and holiday events around the Tri-Cities. The choirs are often asked to perform at international conferences and ceremonies in Vancouver.

Based at Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam, Coastal Sound Music Academy offers holistic choral music education for everyone ages 4 to adult, through its eight choirs.

Transforming lives and building community through choral music.

Over the years, the mission and values of Coastal Sound Music Academy have been unwavering: to transform lives and build community through choral music. The choir directors challenge children and youth through the pursuit of choral music excellence and high quality music education, while at the same time nurturing singers to be kind, caring, compassionate and committed humans.

Artistic Director Diana Clark is passionate about the organization. “It feels like our mission is more important than ever: to build a sense of community and connection when there are so many isolating forces pulling humans apart from one another. No matter your background or age, everyone needs to feel emotionally connected, seen, understood and worthy.”

Over Coastal Sound’s past 3 decades, singers’ lives have been transformed by memorable adventures, travel, provincial and national awards, cultural exchanges and collaborations. The choristers have performed at the 2010 Olympics, 2014 Grey Cup, 2020 Olympic Anniversary Gala, annual Canada Day ceremonies and special events.

Notable performances include singing with Sarah Brightman, Donny Osmond, Nikki Yanofsky, opera star Judith Forst and Michael Bublé.

Singing together helps nurture our humanity, compassion and empathy for one another.

A seemingly small action like creating music together can help make the world a better place, according to Clark and her team of conductors.

Clark explains, “When we join our individual and diverse voices together in song, all of our differences combine to create something greater than the sum of our individual parts. There is a positive energy created by the choir- a love and acceptance of each other. We gain insights and understanding of others and we explore our own unique gifts and how those gifts can help others. That’s empowering!”

Choristers say that Coastal Sound was like a second family at critical times in their lives, and many life-long friendships began in the rehearsals. Thanks to a generous bursary program, singers can participate in the choir programs regardless of financial circumstances.

Clark’s enthusiasm is infectious. “I can’t rave enough about the value of choral singing in our lives, no matter how old we are. We don’t just learn how to sing with healthy technique, how to read music and how to be expressive through choral art, even though that’s all very good and important. Through singing choral music, we learn how to be good humans and how to appreciate each other. How to hold each other up when things get tough. How to recognize the gifts in ourselves and others that make for a greater “whole”. How to contribute to the culture of our communities. How to be resilient when things don’t go as planned.”

May the whole world learn these “choir lessons” too.

Removing barriers to accessibility

Coastal Sound continues to be successful in their ability to include singers who have mobility difficulties, learning challenges, autism, serious visual impairments and even deafness. Where financial barriers to participation exist, Coastal Sound provides tuition support through a bursary program supported by revenue from an Endowment Fund.

Contributing to the community through performances and workshops

Choirs perform throughout the season, September to July at community events and in a series of seven formal concerts that take place at Evergreen Cultural Centre and other metro Vancouver venues.

Having opportunities to share choral music through public concert performances is one of the most important aspects of Coastal Sound programming. Workshops and outreach events allow Coastal Sound to engage more members of the community, and to collaborate with other artists, inspire and enrich school music programs and offer professional development to music educators. Since incorporation, Coastal Sound has built a reputation for offering educational choral workshops and entertaining concerts. Currently, audiences range from 30 people in a small choral workshop, to 400 people in the concert hall to more than 1000 people listening at a Canada Day celebration. Interactive and educational school concerts recently engaged 2600 students at 8 different elementary and middle schools.