Fees and Payments

2021-2022 Season Fees

Fees can be paid annually in full or monthly.  Our monthly payment plan includes a monthly administration charge.
Once you have completed your Coastal Sound registration form online, payment is due by September 30, 2021.
Please contact sandy@coastalsoundmusic.com for further details.

Full Year

Choir Annual Fees  Monthly Fees (10 months)
 Coastal Sound Kids (36 weeks) $600.00 $65.00
 Coastal Sound Junior Choir  (36 weeks) $600.00 $65.00
 Coastal Sound Children’s Choir  (40 weeks) $750.00 $80.00
 Coastal Sound Youth Choir (36 weeks) $600.00 $65.00
 DeCoro  (36 weeks) $325.00 $35.00
Sources (3 @ 8 week sessions) $100 for each 8 week term

Donation in Lieu $150 per family.



January Start

Choir Fees (January-June) Monthly Fees (6 months)
Coastal Sound Kids (18 weeks) $370.00 $65.00
Coastal Sound Junior Choir (18 weeks) $370.00 $65.00
Coastal Sound Children’s Choir (20 weeks) $450.00 $80.00
Coastal Sound Youth Choir (18 weeks) $370.00 $65.00
DeCoro (18 weeks) $200.00 $35.00

Donation in Lieu $100 per family.

Registration Fees Include:

  • $5 membership fee to Coastal Sound Music Academy Society
  • Theory & Sight Singing Materials
  • CSMA T-Shirt for New Singers (except DeCoro)

In Person Rehearsal Schedule

  • Weekly Sessions over 36 weeks – Sept 14 to Dec 16 (14 weeks); Jan 4 to March 10 (10 weeks); Mar 29 to Jun 16 (12 weeks); add 4 Saturday sessions for Children’s Choir
  • Sources – 3 x 8 week sessions: Oct 5 to Nov 23; Jan 11 to Mar 1; April 5 to May 24

Sibling Discounts

Sibling Discount Policy

Coastal Sound offers a discount to families with more than one child registered in some Coastal Sound programs. The discount is available for all choirs except for DeCoro.

Annual Discount

If the family is paying registration fees in full by Sept 30, the following discounts apply:

Singer Discounts
First Full Tuition
Second Sibling -$50
Third Sibling -$75

January Start Discount

Singer Discounts
First Full Tuition
Second Sibling -$30

If the family would like to take advantage of our monthly financing plan, the same discounts apply however the financing charge is not discounted. Please contact our Registrar for help with calculating your discount at 604.552.2762 or sandy@coastalsoundmusic.com.


2021-2022 Season Notes

  1. Tour Credits from past seasons can be used towards 2021-22 Tuition.
  2. The 20% fee credit for those singers who did not return in 2020-21 but do return in 2021-22 season can still be used for 2021-22 season
  3. No bursary money will be given to cover the in lieu donation of $150 that is required by all singers.
  4. COVID-19 Waiver must be signed by all singers/parents/guardians in addition to Registration.
  5. Proof of full vaccination is required for all singers ages 12 and older. Read policy here.

Required fundraising

Full Year
  • Donation in Lieu – $150 required per CSMA family
  • Donations in Lieu are due November 1st, 2021
  • There will be NO IKEA Tree Lots shifts this season
January Start
  • Donations in Lieu – $100 required per CSMA family
  • Donations in Lieu are due at the time of registration

Tuition Support

Have you heard about our Tuition Support/ Bursary program? Families with financial need are eligible for tuition help.

We offer tuition support for singers with financial need through our Bursary Program. To request an application form, please email Registrar at sandy@coastalsoundmusic.com

*All requests and applications are strictly confidential.

Refund Policy


Coastal Sound Refund Policy 2021-2022

Coastal Sound understands that choir is an investment for singers and families, so we make every effort to be reasonable and fair when we get inquiries about refunds. The Board of Directors developed the following Refund Policy to guide all decisions with regards to requests for refunds. When we hire our music directors and accompanists, order music and book performance venues we do so based on a certain level of registration for the entire season.

When fees are paid in full for the season, singers are required to:

  • Cancel in writing before the first rehearsal to receive a full refund.
  • Cancel before the end of the first month, and receive a refund for fees paid, minus 1 month tuition. Singers will have had the chance to participate in 3-5 rehearsals during this time.
  • Cancel after 30 days, and a refund will be issued in extenuating circumstances. See below.

Singers who have opted for a monthly payment plan are required to:

  • Cancel in writing before the first rehearsal to receive a full refund.
  • Cancel at any other time and fees must be paid up to and including the month of departure. Fees for future months will be discontinued in extenuating circumstances. See below

Extenuating Circumstances:

In the event that a singer is unable to continue in the choir due to extenuating circumstances, families may apply in writing to the Board via the singer’s choir director or Coastal Sound’s Registrar for a refund. Please briefly state your case in the email message. This message will be reviewed by the Choir Conductor, the Registrar and Artistic Director, and by a representative of the Board of Directors. You will be notified of the decision by the Registrar/ Accountant.

Other notes

  • Theory materials, music folders, uniform costs & merchandise purchases, if applicable, are non-refundable unless defective. “Like new” items may be sold privately to other singers.
  • Donations in Lieu, membership fee and retreat fees cannot be refunded.

All correspondence regarding the refund policy, cancellations and refund requests should be sent to sandy@coastalsoundmusic.com

If you have questions regarding payments or would like more information about payment plan options please contact our Registrar at sandy@coastalsoundmusic.com