Fundraising Commitment

Coastal Sound Music is a not-for-profit organization. The registration fees charged to members cover only 50% of the true cost to offer our various choir programs. Our Board of Directors, Artistic team, Administrative team and the Membership all help to ensure we raise enough funds each season to make up the other half of our required revenue. We have two mandatory fundraisers (one financial and one volunteer) and a number of optional fundraisers annually. Every singer (or their parent) becomes a member at the time of registration and we need your support to make ends meet.

All families registered in Con Brio, Con Bella, Children’s Choir, Youth Choir, and DeCoro are required to participate in fundraising annually. The commitment is per family, not per singer.

At the time of registration, each family must indicate how they would like to participate. There are three options:

1. Collect a minimum of $150 in pledges for the Sound-a-Thon. Pledges are due by the date of the event. If less than $150 is raised, a cheque for the balance to achieve the minimum is due on the date of the event.

2. Donate $150 in lieu of participation. Families that select this option will be required to make their payment on or before the date of the Sound-a-Thon fundraiser.

3. Contact the office before September 30th to make other arrangements at the discretion of the Executive Director or Artistic Director.

Pledges and donations in lieu are non-refundable.

Singers that join between September and December are responsible for the full $150 commitment on or before the date of the Sound-a-Thon fundraiser. Singers that join between January and June are responsible for a prorated amount of $100 due on the date of registration.

The monetary commitment is in addition to the volunteer time required from each family in the IKEA Tree Lot fundraiser. It is expected that each family will contribute a minimum of two shifts to the IKEA fundraiser. Singers that join a choir after the tree lot closes in mid-December, are asked to volunteer four hours in support of the spring fundraising activities.

Coastal Sound also undertakes various OPTIONAL fundraisers each season such as chocolate sales, plant sales, Pub Nights or 50/50 draws. Members are not required to participate in these optional fundraisers but the Membership’s support of these initiatives is greatly appreciated and definitely needed to keep registration fees as low as possible. A list of confirmed optional fundraisers will be circulated to members at the beginning of the season.