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Apprentice Choirs

Our Apprentice Choirs can sing together as one large choral group and they also rehearse and perform as individual choirs to best meet the specific music learning and vocal technique needs of each level of musical and social/ emotional development. We’re serious about making music learning joyful, playful and creative, while striving for musical excellence and learning healthy vocal technique and music theory!



Con Brio
boys & girls, ages 6 and up
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Con Brio means “with spirit, with vigor”, and that’s just how we approach this level. Con Brio is for boys and girls ages 6 and up is a nurturing,”son game” type environment where young singers learn healthy singing, stage presence,usic reading and song mapping, movement and the social skills needd to make music in a group. Music learning has never been so much fun and so positive- a real boost for the confidence of young children.

Con Vita
boys & girls, grades 2/3 and up
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Con Vita means “with life”. This level is for musical girls in grades 2 or 3 and up that would like to develop their music reading and sight singing skills, while learning to find their voice in a healthy way- skills that will last a lifetime! Singers use tuning forks to develop their ear training, and have theory challenges each week, sprinkled between performance practice, choreography and song games. Con Vita singers graduate to Con Bella.

Coastal Sound Boychoir (Con BRO)
boys, grades 3 and up
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We also call this choir for all boys, “Con BRO” meaning “with brothers”, because that is what we strive to do here: create a safe space for musical boys to explore their voices and develop their musicianship while making new friends and finding kindred spirits. Con BRO celebrates and highlights the unique tone of boys’ unchanged voices, and caters to the specific needs of these singers. Coastal Sound Boychoir is a fast paced, creative lab for boys to explore their singing voices, stage presence and acting skills, with lots of camaraderie thrown into the mix!

Con Bella
girls, grade 4 and up
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Con Bella means “with beauty”… as in beautiful tone, beautiful music, beautiful  girls. Con Bella is for girls only, ages 9 and up with music experience.  A focus on learning to sing with beautiful tone and healthy vocal technique, more challenging music and a variety of musical styles makes Con Bella a good fit for girls who love singing in a choir, and who want to explore all kinds of music!  Con Bella attends workshops, short tours, and performs in the community. Con Bella attends Timberline Ranch retreat with Children’s Choir, September 27-29, 2019.


Artistic Team

Con Brio: Angie Lundin & Laura Epp, Director
Con Vita: Angie Lundin & Laura Epp, Directors
Coastal Sound Boychoir: Deanna Gestrin, Director
Con Bella: Diana Clark, Director
Kyu Min Sigerson, accompanist

Learn more about the Artistic Team here.


Rehearsal Schedule

Choir Rehearsal
Con Brio Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30 pm
Con Vita Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30 pm
Coastal Sound Boychoir Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30 pm
Con Bella Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30 pm

Theory/sight-singing drop in class for Boychoir and Con Bella is 4:30-5:00pm. This is an optional “go at your own pace” class. There is no additional fee for this class.

Blakeburn Elementary, 1040 Riverside Drive, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 8A7


2019/2020 Fees

Choir Annual Payment in Full Monthly Payment (10 months)
Con Brio $625.00 $72.00 per month
Con Vita $625.00 $72.00 per month
Coastal Sound Boychoir $625.00 $72.00 per month
Con Bella $825.00 $92.00 per month

Additional Fees

  • Polo Shirt Uniform for Con Brio and Con Vita: $25
  • Con Bella & Boychoir: Personalized Folder (one-time purchase, made to last a life time!): $45. You may already have a professional black choral folder that you can use.
  • Theory, CD, sight-singing materials costs are included in tuition fees.
  • Timberline Ranch Retreat September 27-29th is included in Registration, and includes meals, lodging, horseback riding, singing workshops and activities.

All fees are payable at the first rehearsal, by cash, cheque or Visa/Mastercard.

*Families with 2 or more singers enrolled at Coastal Sound receive our special family discount. Contact us for more information!

Vocal Assessment Process

All Con Brio, Con Vita, Boychoir and Con Bella applicants will participate in a 10 minute friendly placement evaluation/vocal assessment. We simply want to find the best choir fit for singers, so that they can be successful!

Here is an outline of our evaluation process:

  1. Applicants sing a short song like O Canada or Happy Birthday. There is no accompanist at the evaluation. We want to hear if singers match pitch, but we also understand that singers are just beginning, and just learning these skills, and we’ll help you learn them!
  2. Applicants for more advanced choirs sight-sing a short, simple musical passage. Don’t worry if you don’t already read music! We’ll teach you how to do that.
  3. Our Artistic Team performs an aural skills evaluation (echo back short melodies)
  4. We invite you for a short interview: our conductor looks for many things in your audition including a positive attitude, a flexible and open learning style, and a willingness to grow and develop as a musician- no matter how young or old you are!

We will be accepting new singers to start in September, 2019.  We look forward to meeting you!