Workshop with Canadian Chamber Choir Feb 24

AN EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY!The Canadian Chamber Choir includes singers, conductors, composers, educators, choreographers and scholars of Canadian choral music. In one package, this group is able to address a number of our curriculum goals. This mini conference with the Canadian Chamber Choir will explore a number of music curriculum areas: vocal technique, conducting gesture, innovative programming […]

The Best Warm Ups

It’s been said that the best warm up might be a brisk walk! Gets the breath moving, gets the body engaged, clears the mind, connects us with nature… all good stuff for singers to prepare themselves mentally, physically and spiritually for singing.  I’m also a firm believer in vocal warm ups that connect to repertoire- […]

Float Your Sound

What activity is most similar to singing? If you answered “flying” then you are on the right track!There is a whole lot of technical explanation that could go here, but for our goal of singing effortlessly, think of your sound as floating on air, as opposed to the air forcing or pushing the sound out. […]

Registration Form for the Adult Summer Singing Workshop 2012

  Registration Form for the Adult Summer Singing Workshop 2012   Please return this completed form with a cheque to cover the cost of the registration fee by July 6, 2012.  For information on Summer 2013 singing workshops, contact Please note that a package of choral music for the workshop will be available for […]

Trying to be tension free…

Tension in the body = tension in the voice (and tension in the voice can lead to ‘vocal fry’ or more serious damage)  The next time you go to sing, be aware of your body- are you standing or sitting with relaxed but solid spinal alignment? Is your neck and face relaxed and aligned? Try […]

What the heck is “Passaggio”?!

Sing a slow “sliding siren” noise from very low to very high. Do you feel a “flip” or “break” or “lift point” on certain notes as you go- where your voice moves from one place of resonance to another? (Chest Resonance to Head Resonance for example) Some singers complain that it’s difficult to sing “on […]

The Ooooh Position

    Our Boychoir director and Baritone soloist Riley McMitchell, made us all laugh at rehearsal recently when he shared this story:  Riley was singing in Germany, and feeling tense about his singing. From Germany, he phoned his teacher in Indiana- the Romanian soprano and master vocal coach Virginia Zeani. Over the phone lesson, she […]