Fall 2016 Fundraisers: Purdy’s Chocolates & Neufeld Farms

Coastal Sound Music Academy Fundraisers Fall 2016

Coastal Sound is pleased to offer the following fundraising activities this year.  Funds raised help towards our concerts, tours and other CSMA events.


Option 1:

To order Purdy’s Chocolates:

  1. go to www.purdysgpp.com
  2.  click “login or register to start” button
  3. choose “Returning Customer”  and Log in with your last year Login name and password,

ORclick “New Customer” and “create an account” (it’s quick and easy)

  1. Search for Coastal Sound Music-Winter 2015 or Group #27710
  2. There are blue tabs along the top: ClickShop Online
  3. Shop using the order form online, or click “Use Marketplace” to be able to click and order from catalogue photos.
  4. You can pay for orders online- it’s that easy! ☺

Order Deadline:               Thursday, November 24th

Order Pick Up:                  Thursday, December 1st pick up at Evergreen Cultural Centre

Orders will be available for pick up at Children’s and Youth Choir rehearsals, with follow up deliveries to DeCoro and Apprentice Choirs on Tuesday, December 8th if you haven’t picked up your items already.

Option 2:

CSMA has several boxes of chocolate bars that are available for selling!  You can purchase a box for $40, sell all chocolate bars and get credited $20 per box sold!  Chocolate bars are $2 each.  You can sell these to family, friends, neighbours, door to door etc. 



Neufeld offers a wide variety of frozen foods and desserts. 

To order Neufeld:

  1. Complete the information on the order form.
  2. Collect all money and please only submit ONE CHEQUE made payable to Coastal Sound Music Academy.
  3. The choir member/parent student is responsible for picking up their food orders on the delivery date.  Please note we can’t store items at the school since they must be kept frozen and we do not have the space.  Anything left (not picked up) will be donated to a local food bank.

 Here are the forms if you need them:




Order Deadline:               November 10th

Delivery date:                   November 24th @ 6:15 pm at Evergreen Cultural Centre

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Howorth, Marketing & Operations Manager at 604.552.2762 or admin@coastalsoundmusic.com

Thank you for supporting Coastal Sound Music Academy’s Fundraisers!