Kaleidoscope Festival July 23 & 24

Pop Up Singers: Coastal Sound Children’s Choir
Did you just see a grove of singing fairies? Wandering race car drivers? School kids from 1900? 
Coastal Sound Children’s Choir singers will delight and surprise visitors to the festival with their spontaneous character performances sung throughout the park. Learn a bit of Coquitlam history through their songs and banter.
Watch for Coastal Sound’s Pop Up Singers at various locations around Lafarge Lake on Saturday 2-5:30pm and Sunday 4-7:30pm
Coquitlam Sings! United in Song
DeCoro will sing on the new Lafarge Lake stage for 45 minutes from 11:45am until 12:30pm, and then the choir will participate in the official opening event by singing Home and Love, which was commissioned especially for the occasion of Coquitlam’s 125th celebrations.