A New Chapter: Carrie Tennant’s Last Concerts with Coastal Sound

A new chapter for Coastal Sound – Youth Choir director Carrie Tennant passes the baton.
Since 2007, we’ve all enjoyed the most inspiring, uplifting, moving, and sometimes intentionally hilarious, performances under Carrie Tennant’s direction. Carrie brought together 2 very different youth choirs that existed at Coastal Sound, and worked diligently to create the cohesive group that audiences have grown to adore over the years. 
Under Carrie’s expert direction, the group has won numerous prestigious national awards and accolades, and has had the honour of representing Coastal Sound at national and international choral conferences. Carrie’s exceptional leadership and creative vision for what is possible for Youth Choirs, has left indelible imprints on all who have worked with her, and seen her directing. 
Coastal Sound’s founding artistic director, Donna Otto, says that she knew she’d spotted a gem in Carrie, when she was a young choral director at Maple Ridge Secondary! We are all so thankful that Donna encouraged Carrie to join the Coastal Sound family!
Carrie will be leaving Coastal Sound this month in order to focus on her new family and growing her Vancouver Youth Choir organization. 
We will miss Carrie tremendously, but are truly and deeply grateful for all she’s given us. 
Join us in thanking her, at the Indiekör concerts: June 9 Victoria & June 11 Vancouver.