May 2015 Tour to Nova Scotia: Peggy’s Cove; Halifax Public Gardens; Farewell Concert: Monday, May 18

This is PART 2 of the recounting of Monday May 18.

It really is remarkable, how much we managed to cram into our few days here in Nova Scotia!

This morning began with us hopping on the bus with AVHC friends, and heading to Peggy’s Cove on St. Margaret’s Bay. This is the postcard picture spot, with the lobster traps, colourful old fishing shacks, the white granite rocks and the lighthouse on the point.

First, we corralled the gang on the big rocks, and took some photos and quick video, which you will have seen on facebook by now. BTW, we have a ton of video and photos to upload, so stay tuned for that.

Singers had an hour to scrabble around on the rocks–we had really clear boundaries of where was safe and where was not, plus it was a calm day on the water. It was wild to see singers kind of disappear like black ants on the massive granite rocks there. But we would hear bits of singing and laughter and know that they weren’t too far off. After gathering, our guide took us to the dock and gave us a lobster fishery lesson.

After Peggy’s Cove, we spent lunch at the Halifax Public Gardens. Imagine a Victorian-era garden with ladies in parasols and a gazebo with lots of places to sit and look at the flowers, statues and lawns. Like a real-life version of the park scene in Mary Poppins! Well that’s where we were. Except WE were the musical entertainment on the bandstand/gazebo. Great acoustics. They sure knew how to build such structures for sound, in those old days.

Singers went to Pier 21 from there, which is the port of entry for immigrants to Canada that came from Europe and the US up until the past few years. Lots of moving stories there, about the various waves of immigration to Canada. Sadly, no time for the wonderful movie there about it all.

Back for an hour drive to Wolfville (home of Acadia University) where we got ready for our concert in Wolfville Baptist Church. WOW. WHAT A SPACE!!!