Peggy’s Cove, Halifax Gardens, Last Concert: Monday, May 18

It is so totally scenic here. What they lack in Mountains, is made up for in quaint fishing towns, sailboats moored in little bays and inlets, and vast green and rust fields.


We are heading to Peggy’s Cove. We will be doing a big group photo at the lighthouse. We will NOT be walking down on the rocks!!! If you heard about the 23 year old Ontario man who was swept off the rocks last month at Peggy’s Cove, never to be seen again… (!!!!!) then you will understand why we will be staying on very high land!!! We West Coasters just don’t comprehend the idea of a big rogue wave unexpectedly grabbing someone off the shore and washing them away without a trace. We. Just. Don’t. Get. It. We naively imagine that the wave would just get you wet, or have you floundering in the water until someone rescued you. We can’t imagine a big wave coming out of nowhere, and poof, gonzo to the person standing there lookin’ at the view. So don’t worry. We aren’t taking any chances and will be very far away from that open water of the deep Atlantic.

Lots more to tell you about, but we have to be at the bus for our ride to the airport, Veeeery early in the morning! So I’m going to sign off for now, and continue the recounting of our awesomely excellent adventures, from an airport lounge tomorrow.