TELUS Storyhive Indiekör Project in the Voting Phase

The Coastal Sound Youth Choir has entered the Telus StoryHive contest! If you’d like to support the Youth Choir in this funding opportunity, please take 2 minutes and vote for us! It could mean $5,000 to make a documentary about Indiekör. Click on this link to vote for our project. And you can see our awesome pitch video by Green Couch! The voting period is only open until July 14.

Screen capture of Indiekor on Storyhive

The voting process has several steps. Here’s a quick “how-to” to help make it easier:

1) SIGN UP …Go to: and sign up as a FAN (option on the right after clicking “sign up”).

2) Wait for your account to verify (they will email you).

3) Find our project and FOLLOW US…..Scroll through the projects and find “Indiekör” (That’s us!). Menu across top says pitch, plan, vote etc….We will be listed under the VOTE stage. Click FOLLOW (the more followers we have, the more points we get)

3) VOTE FOR US…. (the most important part!) They will give you five votes that you can “spend anywhere”. Please spend your five votes on Indiekor.

4) VOTE AGAIN… if you log-in twice in the same week you sign up, you’ll get 5 extra votes for a total of 10. We’d be very grateful if you’d cast your votes for Indiekör.

One last note … Some people are having trouble with the system … for example, our Executive Director could vote but  couldn’t follow the project. Whatever works for you will be helpful! Thanks so much for making the effort.

We always appreciate your support! Thanks so much!