What does De Coro mean???

Have you already done a translation search? Are you confused?

Here is what Les and Diana tell us:

“We wanted a name that reflected what the choir was going to be about, and was a fit with our other choirs. We have Italian musical names for other choirs–Con Brio (meaning “with spirit”) and Con Bella (“with beauty” or artistry), so I asked Les to think along those lines”, says Coastal Sound Artistic Director, Diana Clark.

Les then proposed the following words, and definitions, and we morphed them to make the name De Coro. It was a fine balance between finding a name that had roots it “choir” and “heart” versus sounding like a furniture store!

Decorus – (Italian) beautiful, graceful, charming, proper, fit, becoming
Decoro – (Latin) beautify, embellish, adorn; (Italian) dignity, honour
De core – (Italian) of heart,
Coro – (Spanish & Italian) choir

Pronounce De Coro sort of like “Day KohDoh” with a rolled r… and that’s it! No matter how you say it, the choir welcomes returning Adult Choir singers and new members alike.