Guelph Day 6: The busride debrief.

We’re on the bus heading back to Guelph after a whirlwind 2 days in Niagara, complete with a hotel stay in Niagara Falls.

I got a prime location here at the back of the bus, where all the group leaders are, and they are contributing to the blog tonight. We’ve enjoyed a phenomenal (I’m running out of superlatives these days!) day in Niagara Falls. The younger kids are bonkers from eating so much candy- how they managed to buy so much so fast is astounding- and so I’ve come to the back of the bus so that I can listen in on what’s going on. I’m hanging with our fab senior singers doing a group interview, typing as they chat:

Q: Have you had a good tour so far?

A: Yes!

A: No… I’ve had an AMAZING time!!!


Q: What is your favorite thing that we’ve done?

A: CN Tower, because when do you ever get to stand on a glass floor 347 meters (I think) above the ground?!

A: The 4 D thing: Niagara’s Fury. It was wet. It was realistic. I didn’t actually mean that. It was a new experience. Why are you doing this to us? It was also soapy. (true dat.)

A: Singing in the back of the bus because it was bonding time and good practice.

A: Meeting Guelph singers and making new friends. Getting closer to our already friends.

A: The food in the restaurants! Yes! Definitely.


Q: What do you think you are going to remember forever?

A: The Niagara Falls because I’ve never been there and it’s the 7th wonder of the natural world.

A: CN Tower because it was so windy- I loved the windy part and the glass floor!

A: The Wizard of Oz! Because it was just great- awesome possum!

A: Oh YAH- Ladysmith Black Mambazo. It was really amaZAYN to sing with them and to listen to such experienced singers. That was good.

A: We’ve done so much, I’m glad we get a break tomorrow. (Me: Uh, it’s the festival tomorrow- not exactly a BREAK.. but you do get to sleep in.)

A: Fort George- that guy who fired the musket. That was cool. We sound like teenagers. Noooo. Oh my gosh. Don’t write that. He was the funniest social studies teacher we will ever meet!


Q: What did you learn from this trip? What are you going to tell your family and friends and teachers about first?

A: I learned to engage with everything I am doing.

A: I learned how to make wine. Taste wine, drink wine. (FOR THE RECORD the singers did NOT have wine! It was grape juice.)

A: Guelph lost a lot of heritage buildings because of the ‘60s.

A: The butterfly place with the snake. (we can’t agree on whether is was a boa, anaconda or python.) That was spectacular. We learned about venom too. And I got a fear of butterflies.

A: I got over 2 fears: heights and snakes!

A: It’s amazing how big the mall is.


Q: Do you feel like you are changed in any way this week? Do you feel like you are going home a different person?

A: Yes. Yes! Yep because I saw how generous my host family was.

A: Yes because now I will want my milk in a bag.

A: REALLY? Your family had those milk bags too????!!!!

A: I believe that “Shining” is the best choice. Does that make sense?

A: Nope. But maybe it’s because I don’t see it in myself because it’s me. (Me: I see you guys as having grown a lot this week. )

A: I don’t feel taller.


Q: Where do you want to tour next?

A: Somewhere WARM!

A: We should actually take a choir VACATION next year! (others all chime in YES!!!) Not a tour where we have a performance every 3 hours.


Q: What have you learned about singing, by singing with the Guelph Youth Singers?

A: Ya they are really, really good.

A: Sometimes changing little things (ie. Tempo) can completely change how you perform.

A: Precision.

A: Memorizing music can sometimes restrict you to auto pilot. Like people who make up harmonies and notes when they don’t actually read the music.


We are almost at GYMC now, so am leaving the back of the bus.