Guelph Tour Day 1

Readers will be happy to know that we all arrived safe and sound to Guelph tonight, after a VERY early morning start!

Traveling with this many singers is loads of fun, but things move a lot slower than traveling alone: we all got through security without any incidents whatsoever.. and they even gave us our own line so that we could go through and be able to keep tabs on everyone easier…. but it still all takes a while. We had a quiet plane trip across the snowy Rockies, the Prairies, over Lake Michigan… and then banked into Toronto. For one of our singers, this is her FIRST plane trip!!! David Suzuki was on our plane with his adorable grandson- I think most of the singers had their eyes on the TV screens in front of them though. We were all thankful to have the prepaid meal and snack vouchers for the plane- this no sleep/ early traveling/ worrying about where your stuff is at all times business makes a singer HUNGRY!!!

A comfy coach bus took us to Guelph, by way of a Tim Hortons- “when in Ontario, do what Ontario-ans do”?! We went through rural Ontario where there is lots of snow, bare brown trees and gorgeous old brick and stone homes- the stately kind we never see on the Coast. In fact, with wind and light snow blowing, we were all glad for having worn boots and parkas!

The Guelph Youth Music Centre is a beautiful, vibrant place, full of esoteric instruments in display cabinets, and musicians of all ages coming and going. We were cheerily greeted by our hosts, waving outside and immediately helping us with our luggage. They had brought light snacks- homemade brownies and rice crispie squares and hot choc for us. We did a couple of mixer activities, got our ice skates fitted for tomorrow, and then off the kids went with their host families, for dinner. We chaperones meanwhile, looked at a mountain of gear that we need to tote around with us this week, and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, headed for our accommodations with the help of 4 really lovely Guelph parents who offered to take us and all the gear.

Falling into bed now… Gee it’s only about 7pm back home but it sure feels LATE and I can’t stay awake a moment longer.

Hugs to all back home ~Diana