The Best Warm Ups

It’s been said that the best warm up might be a brisk walk! Gets the breath moving, gets the body engaged, clears the mind, connects us with nature… all good stuff for singers to prepare themselves mentally, physically and spiritually for singing.
I’m also a firm believer in vocal warm ups that connect to repertoire- exercises that specifically allow us to practice techniques that we need for the repertoire we’ll be working on. Often, we’ll do mini warm up type exercises between pieces in rehearsal, depending on what we need to feel or set up for in the repertoire.

As my own voice ages, I am fully understanding the importance of warm ups to keep my voice feeling relaxed and vibrant- especially after a busy day when I am walking into a rehearsal. Sure, my voice has been talking and working all day, but taking a few minutes to reinforce and remind my body what focused, shimmering and free tone feels like, is more important than ever- ESPECIALLY on those stress-filled days.

Do you have a favorite warm up? Write me, and I’ll share your faves on our blog.