Shining Night Screening in Coquitlam October 21

In partnership with the Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coastal Sound Music is pleased to present a special Canadian preview event of  Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen. Join us at 2pm on Sunday, October 21st at the Evergreen Cultural Centre. All seats are $10. General admission. For tickets visit or call 604-927-6555.

This award winning film by Michael Stillwater is the first in a series that explores and celebrates the inherent connection to an underlying creative ‘pulse’ that connects us all. Shining Night gives audiences a closeup of  composer Morten Lauridsen, the man behind the most frequently performed choral music of modern history.  

“Conveys the musical legend and the gentle, introspective genius” ~ Eric Whitacre, Composer/Conductor

“Simply stunning!” ~ Paul W. Schulz, Artistic Director and Founder, Northwest Repertory Singers

“…completely blown away, touched to the core…” Rita Glassman, Cantor, San Francisco

“Illuminates the person behind the music, giving us a rare glimpse into its creative source.” Tim Sharp, Executive Director, American Choral Directors Association

“A visually stunning documentary; the sweeping environs are at once earthly and ethereal” ~ Jan-Marie Petersen, Chorus America