What the heck is “Passaggio”?!

Sing a slow “sliding siren” noise from very low to very high. Do you feel a “flip” or “break” or “lift point” on certain notes as you go- where your voice moves from one place of resonance to another? (Chest Resonance to Head Resonance for example) Some singers complain that it’s difficult to sing “on the break” notes- also called the passaggio-where this change occurs. It’s our goal as singers, to be able to sing with consistent beautiful tone in all registers, at all dynamics, on all vowels. Often pop singers “push” and strain their voices by trying to sing with chest resonance up past the passaggio into the higher registers. Making the transition across the passagio as seamless as possible is an important skill for good singers:
~Try to take the weight out of your voice but keep the air flowing as you negotiate the passaggio.
~Isolate the specific issue causing problems for you: is it airflow, vowel, space… and work at exercises to help that.
~Ask for help from one of our expert vocal coaches!