The Ooooh Position


Our Boychoir director and Baritone soloist Riley McMitchell, made us all laugh at rehearsal recently when he shared this story:  Riley was singing in Germany, and feeling tense about his singing. From Germany, he phoned his teacher in Indiana- the Romanian soprano and master vocal coach Virginia Zeani. Over the phone lesson, she said to Riley:

“My dear, put eeet in zee oooh pozishan…..  
now, how is your life?”

Riley says that it’s funny how such a simple thing makes such a difference.  It really does solve a lot of vocal issues.  “It’s one of the things I always come back to when something isn’t working… especially in a performance situation.”

Put it in the “oooh” position. See what happens with YOUR singing! Maybe your life will improve too!

Thanks for sharing this wisdom Riley!