Come Sing With Us!

What began over 26 years ago as an honour choir for students in the Coquitlam school district has evolved into Coastal Sound Music Academy, offering choral music programs for everyone pre-school to adult. We welcome anyone with the interest, enthusiasm, and desire to sing—no former vocal training is necessary.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, innovative and creative vocal training in all of our choirs. We promote kindness and connection through singing performance, and we offer much more than a traditional choral setting. Coastal Sound boasts a unique Youth Choir; a non-auditioned Adult community choir; singing workshops; a cappella singing; top-notch early childhood music education, sight-singing and music theory training, vocal coaching, choreography, high profile performance and recording opportunities and more.

Our artistic team includes professional singers, award winning music educators and choral conductors, composer/ arrangers, acclaimed musicians in a variety of styles.  At the forefront of our teaching, is a nurturing care for the singers in our vocal ensembles, and a desire to help each singer realize their potential through music.

Coastal Sound singers share the stage to learn from the best.

Professional artists with whom Coastal Sound has worked or performed with most recently include: Vancouver Chamber Choir, Elektra Women’s Choir, musica intima, Good Noise Gospel Choir, The Shirleys, Brad Turner, Michael Abraham, Dragon Diva Opera Company, Brundibar Opera Project at UBC, Novel Voz Ensemble from Cuba,The Chinese Children’s Chorus of Beijing. Soloists:  Judith Forst, Leon Bibb, Brian Tate, Steve Maddock, Brad Turner, Simone Osborne, Amy Stephen.  Conductors: Ko Matsushita (Japan), Alina Oracca (Cuba), Sanna Valvanne (Finland), Bob Chilcott (Great Britain), Adam Con (Canada/ USA), Francisco Nunez (USA), Elaine Quilachini (Canada) Diane Loomer (Canada), John Trepp (Canada), Bruce Pullan (Canada), Dinah Helgeson (USA), Geoffrey Boers (USA), Rollo Dilworth (USA), Henry Leck (USA).

Coastal Sound Promotes Canadian Choral Music

In the past few years, various Coastal Sound Choirs have been involved in the development of new works and have sung the premieres of works by BC composers Kristopher Fulton, Brad Turner, Brian Tate, Larry Nickel, George Chung, Ramona Luengen, Tobin Stokes, Ed Henderson, Sherilyn Fritz, Bill Perison, Willi Zwozdeski, Stephen Smith and others.  Over the past 10 years, Coastal Sound has purposefully programmed and promoted music by BC and Canadian choral composers and arrangers, and has been introducing audiences to these artists and their work.   Coastal Sound’s Artistic Director, Diana Clark, and Associate Artistic Director Carrie Tennant, purposely perform and commission new works and arrangements, including experimental and indierock pieces, while also encouraging composers of other genres to write for choir to further the art form.

Coastal Sound Music Academy is a registered non-profit Society.

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